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I believe that the dream of every guy is to close the deal with that hot girl, it may be that girl in your life or that hard to get girl that you see at your place of work. Every guy has been there, I have been there for some time, i mean that’s the reason a lot of guys cling to online dating sites and even Facebook. When it comes down to closing the deal with that girl that drives you crazy, there are two things or let me say two aspects you ought to consider

  • Physical aspect
  • Mental aspect


The physical aspect has to do with the conversations, the emotional escalation, making her laugh, getting her horny and many other elements. All these elements are crucial because that’s what takes the relationship a bit further from the conversation to finally closing the deal. I know a lot of guys are good at the physical aspect, I mean you can go out there, play the game and screw a girl one night but the thing is if you don’t know how to get into her mind, she’s going to feel awkward and things are going to feel super weird.

I’ve always used the mind game in getting most girls in my life that is why it’s totally crucial to get involved in the mental aspect of capturing the heart of that hot girl.

If you plan on dating younger girls, you have to know how to get into their mind because just getting them out and hooking up with them is never going to be enough to control them or get them to fall in love with you. I’m saying this out of experience, if you really want to get her to think about you or fall in love with you, you need to know the mind elements, that’s the only way to capture her thoughts and get her to be thinking more about you when you’re not around.

Much of what has to do with the mind game is counter-intuitive, this means that some of them are going to feel totally unnatural to you, but trust me, they work very rapidly. Before we go further, i need you to understand some things, and I call them your end of the bargain, and what I mean is that I’m going to be teaching you my favorite tactics.

These are things that I have used on many women and I’ve seen it work both for me and my friends, and trust me, as long as you keep up to your end of the bargain, it’s definitely going to work for you!

Attraction is Counter Intuitive

In this aspect we are going to talk more about the mistakes you make when you’re in front of a girl. To get a better understanding of what I mean, I’m going to give some normal intuitive ideas.

Firstly, it’s going to seem normal for you to always be nice, now that’s the normal feeling most guys have. You may believe that the nicer you are the more she’s going to like you, but in the real world, being too nice drives the women away.

Another idea might be “I like her too much, so I’m not going to try sleep with her”. Now you might have gone out with a girl you like and you had the thought of like I’m not going to make any attempt to sleep with her because I don’t want her to get the wrong idea, I don’t want her to think I’m only using her for sex. Now, intuitively, that’s a good thing but in the real world that’s not how it works because “ATTRACTION IS COUNTER-INTUITIVE”.

Now let’s say you have a female friend, and you feel like ‘things are always good with the both of us’ and you keep wondering why she doesn’t like you, the answer is “ATTRACTION IS COUNTER-INTUITIVE”. Now you might have been wondering why the ‘bad guy’ always get all the girls, the answer again is that the bad boy is counter-intuitive. You would normally think that what the bad boy does shouldn’t work but in the real world, that’s real deal. So you have to erase the thought of “that shouldn’t work” because that’s what actually works.

The next you need to grasp is that Emotion is way better than Logic. The big mistake that most guys make is thinking that logic is what is going to get her, but what you got to understand is that decisions are made emotionally and not otherwise.

Now let’s shed more light on the Psychology of Seduction, I mean the psychology of getting a lady to fall in love with you. What you need to understand is that getting a woman to fall in love with you is not based on commonality, or having a deep connection with her.

Most of our decisions are made based on our ego and love is entirely based on validation, this means the more you validate a woman’s specialness the more she’s going to fall in love with you. You might not know this, but validating a woman is a vital ingredient to the seduction. If you want to get under her skin and get total mind control over her, you have to validate her sexuality, you’ve got to validate her ideal self (the vision she has for herself) and so on. The end game is for you to validate her for some time and also withhold that validation so she can fight for it or fight to keep that validation.

The next you need to know under the psychology of seduction is that Emotions are addicting. For instance, humor is addicting, if you like laughing, you’ll always want to be around people who also love to laugh. Anticipation is also addicting, this is true because we continue to watch lots of TV shows because we are eager to see what’s going to happen next. Anger is addicting, disappointment is also addicting. The bottom line is that all emotions are addicting, and all these ideas about addictive emotions are going to be crucial to the tactics you’re going to be learning.

Next is that you need to take up mental space in her mind. This simply means that if she’s not with you, she needs to be thinking about you. I bet you know how important this element is, I mean the girl will probably be on Facebook or some other online dating sites or maybe there are other guys that may be hitting on her at work or vying for her attention.

Last but not the least, you’ve got to leave her better than you found her. You can simply do this by bringing out her best qualities, encouraging her to be herself at all times, just do whatever you feel is best for her and make sure that it catches on.

Without much ado let’s get on with the tactics shall we!

Always send mixed signals

When you send mixed signals to a girl, you have the opport613-mentalunity to take up her mental space. It makes you unpredictable and that makes her want to figure you out. There are different ways to send mixed signals to a girl.

For example you can show different sides of your personality, I’m telling you this out of experience, a girl should not be able to completely figure you out because once she does, she’s not going to be eager to know more about you.

For instance, if you’re usually calm and gentle, you’ve got to change that side of you sometimes. You can blow up and show some temper, the main aim is for her to see multiple sides of you. The bottom line is never be a one-way kind of guy, trust me, it sucks!

Make yourself the object of desire

I love making use of this technique on women, it is a normal behavior in people to always want what other people want and it is more common in women. When you do this, you spark some kind of burning desire in her to want you.

Appearing as the object of desire is an extremely powerful tactic especially if you’re trying to get out of the friend zone or get an ex-girlfriend back.

Let’s look at some ways you can appear to be the object of desire:

  1. Have other female friends in your life. This will make her want to do more to get your attention as she believes you have other options apart from her. It is a lot more easier to be the object of desire if you have other female friends in your life.
  2. Always be vague or ambiguous. The great thing about being vague is that it doesn’t come as though you’re bragging or trying to hard to get her attention.
  3. Stay in touch with ex-girlfriends. Keeping in touch with your ex-girlfriends is a great way to elicit jealousy in the girl you like, it brings about the drama and trust me, ladies love drama!

The Partners in crime tactic

As we’ve already discussed, one of the major aim of mind control is to make her miss you when you’re not around and one of the best way to achieve that is by creating the partners in crime vibe with her. I’m going to give some examples of how you can do this so you can get a better understanding of what I’m talking about.

Create inside jokes with her. For instance, if you’ve created some inside jokes with a girl, whenever something funny happens, your the one she going to think about, you’re the one she wants to laugh about it with.

Share secrets with her

Share your goals and aspirations. Maybe you have a plan to go sightseeing in Paris or Spain, or you want to hang out in some cool place, try to share those aspirations with her and let her also share her own goals with you. This way you both can have something in common and that is a great way to build attraction.

Always keep her in suspense

Remember, you always want to keep her in anticipation of hearing from you. Now if you can successfully train her to expecting your next call or text message, you can easily get into her mind and control her every move. One big mistake most guys make is that they make girls take them for granted. For instance, they are always eager to call her and text her, and they’re always available whenever she needs them. This annihilates the suspense thus making her to know every detail about you. However, when you make her to anticipate your next move, she’ll always be thinking about you. For instance, when she sends you a text and you don’t reply for an hour or two, she will definitely be worried about what happened and this makes her think more about you and that is your main goal.

Picture her as her Ideal Self

Remember when I said that love is all about validation. When it comes to this tactic, you always want to see her as her ideal self at all times. I mean, as humans, we always want people to see the best in us and seeing the best in the girl you like is a great way to validate her. For instance, if she sees herself as a great singer or writer, mirror her as a singer or writer. You have to try to notice those qualities because that is what she wants to be seen as. It’s also crucial to encourage and bring out the best in her, doing this gives her validation and as I said, love is all about validation. The bottom line is that all these other tactics can’t work if she doesn’t feel that validation.

Be Sticky

This is one of my favorite tactic because it’s a great way to catch the attention of the girl you like and stay on her mind all day. Being sticky to the girl you’re trying to seduce is crucial because it has the great potential of taking up her mental space and ultimately keeps you on her mind when you’re not around. You can easily do this by using words or catch phrases that are capable of sticking to her memory. This tactic basically has to do with you, you have to think of ways that you can become more sticky to a girl, it might be the way you talk, the things you’re passionate about and so on.

Tactical disclosure

When it comes to seduction, you want to give the girls a glimpse of your inner self, but remember to only give her a glimpse because if you do this repeatedly it may make you look too vulnerable and weak. For instance, you can tell her that the first day you met her, you were totally captured by her beauty and you really love her or whatever. Remember not to do this all the time, it’s like a once in a blue moon kind of stuff. The bottom line is that you do not want to be the kind of guy that can easily figured out.

So there you have it, all you have to do is apply these time-tested tactics to you dating life and you will astonished by the outstanding results. Seducing a girl is not some kind of a big deal, all you need are the right techniques and with these tactics you are sure to unlock the legs of any girl you desire.

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