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Story Of The Donkey That Fell Down The Hole

Lets talk about inner game today; the mindset shift you must have INGRAINED at the back of your brain as you embark on your journey to becoming great with women, dating & LIFE in general.

To begin with, I want to share with you a little story about the donkey that fell down the hole…

“Once there was aDonkey Fell into Well donkey that fell in to an old empty well. The farmer, who owns the donkey, looked at the beast and tried to figure how to get it out of there. Having thought of nothing to get the donkey out of the well, he decided to simply bury his donkey alive!

So the farmer called his neighbors to shovel dirt into the well. At first the donkey got frightened and panicked. After some time the beast realized that if he shakes the dirt of his back, the ground under him gets higher. He continued to shake the dirt off and step up until the well was full. I will leave to your imagination what the donkey did to the farmer and his neighbors when he got out of the well.

Many times we feel life is throwing dirt at us. Problems seem to hit us at all directions. Even when you feel everything is OK, suddenly dirt smacks you in the face. Sometimes you can even feel the bitterness of the dirt!

There are others who not only feel that dirt is being thrown at them, but feel that they are being buried alive. Their problems seem to pile to up from one to the next, until their problems are bigger than they are. They feel like all the world’s trash is being poured out on to them.”

But we can use this dirt. We can use life’s problems and troubles to produce strength, wisdom, perseverance, patience and other virtues in us that will help us succeed in life. The dirt thrown at you can be used to increase your stature, your being.

We should imitate the donkey. Instead of giving up and letting himself be buried, he shook the dirt off him. We too should learn to shake our problems and STEP ON IT. And like the donkey, we will get out of the hole we are in.

Watch what this girl did:

The quality of our “successes” with women is the quality of our COMMUNICATION with:

  1. Self
  2. Others

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Experiences (good or bad) is about personal communication. It determines how you feel, act, behave on a daily basis.

To change your social life, your dating life, your successes with women, you don’t need many ideas, complicated ideas, concepts, all it takes is an idea that you’re willing to take and USE.

No matter what happens as you’re out there in the field, it’s not what happens to you but what you DO with what happens.

For things to get better, I would have to get better. For things to change, I would have to change. You can change everything around you; the people you hang out with, your work environment, etc, nothing will be permanent unless you change… YOU.

Difference between the different results people have in their lives (those who are getting more women than you) is not talent, luck, skill, etc, its the difference in the ACTIONS they took. What sets them apart is the ability to take action, the ability to USE what they knew.

Nothing really happens until you take action.Take Action


Get yourself to take action UNTIL you succeed.


How long does a baby get to learn how to walk until you ask him/her to stop trying?

What’s the time frame?

You get a baby to keep trying UNTIL he/she walks. That’s how everybody walks. That’s WHY everybody walks.

In order to be great with women, 2 things:

  1. Energy (what you give out to the world, is what you get back)
  2. Skill (specifically know what you want, ability to know exactly what SHE wants, you do this by playfully & teasingly probing, your adapt to their styles – every woman has a different “style”, you then feed on their want; give it to them, you’ll eventually get what YOU want, it’s just the way it is, don’t oppose it, EMBRACE it)


Fear of “failure” (rejection in any shape or form) – prevents guys from taking action.

There are no failures, only results, only outcomes, only FEEDBACK.

You don’t feel great about failing, but how do you feel about learning?

There are no failures; you can only learn from every experience, you learn from HUMAN experience. What’s the advantage you have today over yesterday? Its the new experience you’ve taken on. Thats how we as humans grow. Whether you got what you want from it, it makes very little difference, as long as you learn from it, and change your approach to eventually produce the results that you want.

Reality check:

YOU are responsible for your world, YOU take charge of your life. No matter what happens to you in your life, YOU created in on some level, YOU are responsible for it. If it isn’t there because of your physical actions, it’s there because it’s a result of your mental actions, that thoughts are things, that as your think, so you become, so you attract, so you manifest.

No one is to blame, except you YOURSELF.

Want to know what’s the one ‘key’ for becoming great with women?


Always be stretching.

If you can’t, you MUST.

Actively develop a consistent habit to stretch yourself. Willingness to stretch yourself on a consistent basis. Do this, you’ll grow TREMENDOUSLY.

When you put yourself on the line, more often than not, you’ll be surprised by what you’re able to truly achieve. Do it. Now.


  1. Make a COMMITMENT to yourself to do something that seems beyond something above your present ability. Get out of your comfort zone. Stay out, push, and keep pushing, don’t look back.
  2. Model someone who’s already producing your results.
  3. Take action – You must do it, even if you don’t know, act like you know and DO it. (Even if you don’t feel like it, force it).

Everyone has different expectations, like it or not, it’s the reality of life. Deal with it it, adapt to it, manage it, to get what you want.

You cannot expect people to comply, to be on the same “page” or to view things the way you do without you first communicating it and getting a confirmation, a RESPONSE for it.

Your “world” is what things MEAN to you and only you. Your make up a tiny part of the equation. What’s outside is MUCH bigger, far bigger than you can imagine.

The “severity” of your “problems” are what you make of them. If you think their big, their big, if you think their small, their small.

“What things mean to you”.

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