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Bobby Rio Make Small Talk Sexy – Conversation Escalation Review

Ask any guy and they will tell you that having a “conversation” with a woman you are trying to impress is not “easy” at all. Now don’t get me wrong – having a “conversation” is easy – but having a conversation that “attracts” her and leave her wanting “more” of me – now that’s the tricky part.

Speaking from experience, my own personal dating encounters with women have been met with several “awkward” (bothering on embarrassing) moments which made me look like a doofus; making a fool of myself and eventually screwing up the entire “meet-up.”

I know many of you have gone through this experience before…

Have you ever been in front of an incredibly stunning woman and all of a sudden you just FREEZE?! Like you practically just lose all focus and you go completely blank – your body, mind and soul just shuts down bam… you lose control of everything! Stalling midway in conversations, blabbering out sentences that makes no sense, not having the right words to say… pretty much the worst possible scenario imaginable. You stare at her, she stares back at you and things become awkward, silent.

Immediately deep down you just know that your game is over.

I went through this nightmare a number of times myself so I can tell you that you’re not alone in this at all! Almost all of us guys would have gone through the same excruciating nightmare one way or another so again, you’re not alone! Lol.

Even so, on the other end of the spectrum, I have also observed and know of how some men who are just FLAWLESS with women; they’re always saying the right words, doing the right things, charming the panties off women with their smooth game, flowery words, etc – and that just got me thinking – what the hell were they doing that I am not?

How are they able to be so good with them, so effortless in their conversations with them – “what is their “secret”?, I always seem to be asking myself.

Today I’ll be sharing an experience I had going through a program that I came across AFTER I decided that it was TIME to FIX my conversational skills for the sake of my future relationships.

Conversation Escalation….. HOW did I come across it?Make Small Talk Sexy

At the very beginning, I thought I was the only one who was finding it HARD to escalate my conversations with women to a more personal and intimate level.

At the very beginning, I too was one of the guys that were in complete DENIAL of my reality – my problem – which is my lack of conversational & social skills. I mean I was OK at it, but not great. And I didn’t just want to be OK, I WANTED to be GREAT.

And truth be told, it took me a while before I realized that I had a “problem” I had to deal with and that I needed to seek URGENT HELP.

I could remain comfortable then, remain where I was at that point in my life – but I also knew that if I were to follow that path – I would NEVER have grown as a human being – I would have forever remained where I was, not moving forward in my life at all. It would have a DEVASTATING effect on my dating and social life if I didn’t do anything then. Now looking back, I think I made a pretty good decision then ?

So anyway long story short, out of my desperation to find a solution, I began spending a lot of time on the internet searching for a “solution” for it.

And that’s how I first came across CONVERSATION ESCALATION.

It is a program that helps men who are struggling to have normal, endless and enjoyable, “teasing” conversations with women.
It shows men how to improve, spice up and become articulate at conversations with women.

This program was created by Bobby Rio – a guy who has helped thousands of men in the area of conversation and sexual communication with women. Just in case you have not heard of him before (where were you before this again? Lol) – he is popularly known for his men’s LIFESTYLE blog

Now this guy is PASSIONATE. He doesn’t sugar-coat and tells you things as they are.

What I like most about this program is that is very PRACTICAL ORIENTATED. It shows you things that you and I and the average Joe on the street can do and follow.

And the stuff that you learn here are VERY applicable to real-life situations. So if you find yourself having difficulties communicating with women, stalling in the middle of conversation and even COMPLETELY going blank with what to say, this program will be of great importance to you.

Spice Up ConversationAgain I must say that the REAL value of this course is where it teaches you how to “spice” up your conversations with women, it shows you how to flirt and tease in subtle ways. It shows you how to build up your game into “closing it” with a girl from normal, everyday interaction to a sexual level. To an intimate level.

Now this is important because the inability of men to escalate conversations past a FRIENDLY level has always become a point of concern. That’s always the hardest, the trickiest part.

You will learn how to draw women into conservations, taking them to levels where a woman wants nothing else but to feel you kiss her and satisfy her sexual desires. Not a bad “skill” to have, no? ?

But at the core if it – it’s all about practicing, practicing and practicing some more.

And then knowing and mastering the art of seduction.

You will also learn how to establish instant rapport with women thanks to a SPONTANEOUS way of thinking which ensures that you can comfortably talk about any subject that makes it “fun” without fearing that you’ll end up lacking words…

Guys usually have a mistaken notion that they have to be interesting enough to keep a woman listening to them.. the fact of the matter is that it is sometimes just better to be COMFORTABLE, to be AT EASE with yourself and let the conversation FLOW.

Paying too much attention on what you’re going to say often times makes it un-natural, it makes it look REHEARSED and well, can be a put-off sometimes.

There are just so many elements here worth noting: you’ll learn how the game is played. You’ll learn how to mess with a woman’s mind.

You’ll learn how to strike where she FEELS it the most. Very interesting stuff.

You’ll also learn how to handle, deal and “SAVE” those AWKWARD moments that always seem to crop up when you are in the middle of a conversation.

I give it 4 stars out of 5, highly recommended.

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