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Facebook (FB) Seduction System

Most of the time, going from club to club is not the most reasonable option to take when looking for women to date. Other than costing a lot of money, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find someone you want in a couple of tries. (Especially when you’re the type of guy who isn’t comfortable approaching female strangers on a regular basis.) That coupled with the possibility of you getting rejected time and again, well it can get demoralizing & depressing at the same time!

And you’re definitely going to get rejected because let’s face it, to successfully and smoothly approach women to start conversations randomly with them –it does freak some guys at times. So then the next best option you can take if you don’t want to go that route is to register for online dating sites.

But bear in mind however, that a lot of free online dating sites these days are riddled with scammers and posers. It will be much safer for you to register with dating sites that require a membership fee as it’s usually a part of their policy to protect the name of their company and their clients who pay them for their match-making services. But no matter how high you pay (even if you get a VIP membership), there’s still no guarantee of you getting your money’s worth.

Doesn’t sound too promising so far, does it?

So, am I saying that you should totally give up hope because nothing seems to work these days? Hell no!

The point I’m trying to make here is that a good dater is someone who knows how to “strategize” when it comes to choosing the right means (or the most efficient means) in getting girls. He understands that DATING is a GAME. You need to think twice before making a move or spending too much money and time on the wrong things and in searching at the wrong venues.

These days, everybody’s hooked on social networking sites. The best example currently in existence is Facebook. There are more than 800 million registered in Facebook and studies show that more than half of this number is made up of women. Imagine, 400 million+ WOMEN… Big numbers, big pool!

FB Seduction System

So in other words, if you’re right now on Facebook (which I’m pretty sure you are), use it to your full advantage!

Facebook is THE Perfect Opportunity

The person who first began thinking about Facebook as the perfect dating strategy must be a genius. I mean, we might be aware that we meet new friends through the many applications in it, but we seldom consider it as hugely efficient way of meeting and closing women!

And good news it… now there’s a brand new program called the “FB Seduction System” by Dean Cortez that gives you a step-by-step guide on how to maximize your Facebook account as a dating platform & a vehicle to meet & close women. There’s no other resource you can get over the net that teaches what it does!

What’s good about this program is that it is a user-friendly manual and even has a step-by-step “take you by the hand” periodic curriculum that makes sure that you succeed every step of the way.

Dean Cortez Facebook Seduction System

One of the most striking highlights of the FB Seduction System is that everything is very to-the-point, realistic and practical in the way in which the material and content was laid out. Click here to watch what one of their most successful students have to say when he applied the system into his Facebook game…

“Meeting girls in Facebook is MUCH BETTER than in real life”

I didn’t believe it at first, either. Who in their right mind would think that meeting women online was better than meeting women in person? Not me. At least not until I started using the stuff that I’ve learned in this program that I realized how easy and fast it would be to hook up with them.

It gave me the results that I was looking for, so for me, no complaints so far

Fast, Fun and Fool-proof

The FB Seduction System shows you how to get girls 24/7 with little to no risk of rejection. There are lots of women posting pictures of their boobs and asses, waiting for the right guy to catch their attention. You might just be the one! If you’re the type of guy who’s very particular with the girls you want to date, you don’t have to worry about it on Facebook. It has many user functions which you could use to filter the ones that you don’t like and find ones that you think are mouth-watering, “appetizing” even. And if you’re like a lot of us who don’t always have the time, seeing a woman’s Facebook page could tell you more about a girl in five minutes than talking to her for two hours.

The Tiny Glitch

As for flaws, I would say that the only thing I could see that’s a bit off about this program is its slanted view on Facebook and its users. Although it does tell the online social activity of a girl, there are many things a guy cannot hope to find in her profile. She may appear like the right one for you online, but she might just be as good as a player as you are. Or worse, she could be in a relationship and would just like to fool around with other innocent, unsuspecting men.

After all, online communication does have its limitations when getting the message across. You just can’t expect women to truly understand your motives. In other cases, your moves may appear a bit too crass or “over the top” if and when you don’t do them correctly or at the right time (or there might be differences or misunderstandings when it comes to women who are of a different culture).

All this book needs is a little “precaution segment” where men learn to have a wider vantage point of the many factors that could influence their success with women in Facebook.


FB Seduction Member Area


But that aside, overall, I would have to say that this program is a nifty innovation and provides a fresh look into what’s possible when it comes to using Facebook to meet women. Let’s accept the fact that Facebook isn’t anymore just a place to catch up with friends… it could also very well become your personal f*ckbook too