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How To Create Attraction With Women

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There’s some really valuable yet subtle messages inside which I feel makes a whole lot of difference in you becoming a guy women will be attracted to as opposed to someone they’ll never be interested in, so do listen to it carefully.

When you’re meeting a girl for the first time, 1st impressions are EVERYTHING as you only have a window period of just a couple of seconds to make a memorable impression so it’s imperative for you NOT to screw it up!

As you’re out there approaching & meeting women to start conversations, remember:

  1. Start with a small tease & nick name to get her attention…don’t forget to be playful and fun!
  2. Once you have her interest and attention…MOVE FAST! Immediate action is required so make sure you take it and do what it takes to talk to her!
  3. Continue to tease her playfully and NICELY…this always builds curiosity and weakens a woman’s defenses.
  4. Demonstrate your own value in the moment and then offer up a compliment to create a connection
  5. Don’t forget to ASK her something based on the things you observe about her and the current moment…this intensifies the connection by getting her to open up to you.

And once you have the initial flirt-and-banter down…you’re gonna need to maintain that air of confidence and playful mystique that initially drew her to you in the first place…

Ok I’ll give you another example…

Say you’ve just entered a bar and you see a girl that catches your eye…

What would you say or do to get her attention?

  • Hi! My name is Joe, so nice to meet you!
  • You’re the prettiest girl around, can I buy you a drink
  • You look familiar, have we met somewhere before?

Truth is, those lines might work for you, they might not work for you, I’d say the chances are pretty slim, because if it were me, I’d recommend you try something a little deeper…

Let’s just say I noticed that all the girls in the bar were wearing really short tight dresses while our girl in question was wearing a very casual, loose fitting blouse with a pair of jeans.

I’d walk up to tell her ‘I noticed you are the ONLY girl in here not dressed in a saran-wrap-tight dress…and I really like that.’

There are floods of men coming and introducing themselves…and her guard is UP.

You’re the prettiest girl in the bar, is an OBVIOUS attempt at flattery and is something ANY guy can say to ANY girl it’s inauthentic and overused.

The truth is she doesn’t wanna be seen as just ANY girl…no girl does.

You’re the only one in here wearing x,y, or z…AND I LIKE IT is something you absolutely CANNOT say to any other girl because it’s your reaction to her in this moment…it’s genuine and it’s something so hard to find these days!

So what I want you to take away from this is that you have to say something to her that you CANNOT to say to any other woman, be it something about what she’s wearing, what she’s doing in the moment, or an experience that you are both in.

Whatever it is, as long as your comment comes from something about the current moment, it’s genuine, authentic, and it’s gonna make her feel special and INSTANTLY attracted to you within seconds.

Its all about how you communicate or present yourself to women:

If you project a vibe of independence; seems to be happy, and appears to know what you want, this triggers arousal in women. At first sight, you are providing enough evidence for a woman’s desire to be stoked. Suddenly she sees you in a more sexual way, based entirely on her perception of you as strong and independent. It also doesn’t hurt that when you appear sexually exuberant, it gives a woman the impression she’ll have a satisfying experience with you.

Men so often suppress their sexual strength and assertiveness as a result of past rejection; they get caught up in their own fears, trying to second-guess what women want. These guys appear weak and inhibited, and, on an unconscious level, women see them as being too feminine. Who wants to share in a guy’s weakness or have to fix it? Either way, the sexual chemistry is ruined.

So, how can a guy amp up his ability to create hot sexual chemistry with a woman without having it blow up in his face like a bad science project?

  1. Be aware of the kind of vibe you are projecting. Are you coming off as confident, carefree, and fun or an emotional drag?
  2. Pay attention to the subtle signals she’s sending you. Is she leaning into you and smiling or sitting back with her arms crossed over her chest? It takes two to make chemistry happen, so be responsive to her vibe. A little attentiveness can go a long way.
  3. Don’t second-guess yourself. Retreating inside your brain to battle your insecurities takes you out of the moment and is a sure way to kill chemistry.
  4. Be direct and confident. Looking into her eyes and smiling while you talk will make you appear assertive, enthusiastic, and sexy.
  5. Don’t fear rejection. Relax! Remember we are constantly projecting signals. If she picks up on how tense you are, she’s likely to tense up, too.
  6. Make her laugh. Light sexual innuendo is a great way to lighten the mood and convey your attraction.
  7. Don’t be afraid to let her know you’re interested. Women can sense it, anyway. It’s chemistry, stupid!

Oh and while we’re still on the topic of creating attraction, one question that I tend to get time and time again is the question on how do I ask a girl out on a second date smoothly without getting rejected?

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