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Break The Long Hiatus: How To Start Dating Again And Be Successful About It

How to start dating againAfter a string of failed relationship, you might have probably concluded that dating is not for you. Instead of nurturing your failures by going on a long hiatus in dating or focusing your time on online dating sites, it is time to break your non-existence in the eyes of women and start dating again.

Going back to the dating world can be daunting for some men. Unfortunately, there are many men who are stuck in a rut, thus they cannot even move past dating and eventually end up in a commitment.  While dating is a basic skill men should learn, most men are still trying to do the same things that are holding them back to enjoy dating.

So if you are one of the many men who find it hard to break your long dating hiatus, then it is time that you cast away your fears and learn from the masters. This article will discuss how you can start dating again and become successful with it.

Approaching a Woman

Before you can even ask someone out on a date, the first step is to approach women. Unfortunately, most men fail in this critical step. The thing is that most men find it more nerve-wracking to approach women than asking them out on an actual date. If your knees start to shake with the thought of approaching women, don’t worry because that is normal. What is not normal, is for you to back out and let a good opportunity pass you by.

How hard can it be to approach women? As scary at is may sound, but the reality is that 80% of successful approach happens just by showing up and saying “hi” to them.  You can also use appropriate pick up lines to catch her attention. Once you already had her attention, you can then ask her out on a date.  The bottom line is that you should practice your skills of approaching women before you can even ask them out on a date.

Tips on How to Start Dating & Have a Great Time

You must have bad experiences in the past with going on dates. However, this should not stop you from going out more in the future.  Below are how to start dating things that you need to do to have a great date as well as to give your lady friend the best date experience she has ever had in her life. These tips will also secure more dates with her in the future.

  • Make sure that you are emotionally ready: When you go out on a date, make sure that you are emotionally ready and that you do not have any hang ups with your exes. Dating is fun but if you are an emotional train wreck, it shows on how you interact with your date. Believe me when I say that no woman would actually want to date a man who is still fixated with his past relationship.
  • Choose the venue of the date: Plan the venue that your date will like. Some men take their dates to the movie theater and if you are one of them, then stop doing it. How are you supposed to know more about your date if you are both engrossed in the movie you both are watching? Take her to a romantic dinner or a paintball date if she is adventurous. Plan the date depending on what she likes. Once you have already planned for the venue, dress appropriately. You don’t want to end up wearing a pair of sweatpants if you are going to take her to a fancy restaurant.
  • Don’t show up late: It is part of a good dating etiquette to show up on time on a first date. bouquet of apologyWomen do not want to wait for guys during the first date. It makes them think that their dates are not really serious about taking her out. As much as possible, arrive at least five minutes early but if you are late, make it up to her by saying sorry or getting her an apology bouquet. Make sure that you have a valid reason why you are late.
  • Focus your attention to her: You may be one of those busy guys who have a lot of responsibilities at work, but this does not mean that you have to do all responsibilities while you are out on a date. Make sure that your attention is focused on your date so make sure that do not answer your phone unless it is really urgent.
  • Put your best foot forward: One of the biggest turn offs that guys do on the first day is to behave in an ungentlemanly way. Never be rude to your date or talk only about yourself because these are the ingredients why she will never ever date you again. Instead, show her your good side by doing simple yet profound gestures like opening the car door for her and treating the wait staff with respect. By being respectful to other people around you, you give an impression that you really are a genuinely good guy.
  • Ask and listen: It is important that you know when to listen and ask questions. Unfortunately, this is a skill that many men lack. Some men allow their dates to do the talking while others do the talking themselves. Remember that dating is a two-way process and it is crucial that both you and your date interact during the date. By being attentive, this will also help you learn more about your date. You can also use humor to get her attention. This will also give your date the impression that you are really interested in her because you are doing an effort during your conversation.
  • Keep a dating diary: It also helps if you keep a dating diary so that will serve as your reference for your future dates.

Going out on a date should be fun even if you have just started asking girls out again. With these tips, you will be able to land on a date and perhaps more dates in the future.

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