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Top 10 Reasons Why Men Pull Away

Do you feel that your man is slowly pulling away from you? If your answer to this question is yes, then this article will definitely help you know the possible reason behind his actions. If you feel that each situation is unique, well, you are right there!

However, you also need to understand that most of the time; the reasons why men pull away are just revolving around the 10 reasons on this list.

1. Your Man Is Not Interested Anymore And He Is Not Really Into You After All

469-awayThis may sound harsh, but this is one very popular reason why your man is slowly drifting away from your grip. Do not be disheartened. Just always remember that there are many other fishes in the sea. Just think of this as something positive. Since your guy is not attracted to your anymore, then you will be given the chance to find another man who is more deserving of your time, effort and most of all, love.

2.  You Man Does Not Want To Commit

This is another very common reason why a man pulls away from the girl he is dating. Let’s be real here! A lot of men are afraid of committing to only one girl. Do not sulk if he suddenly had a change of heart. This does not automatically mean that you are not attractive. One possible reason is that he is just not ready to commit yet. If you are wondering what you can do about this—there is none. His fear of commitments is something, which only he can address. It is something that he should fix on his own.

3.  You Became Very Easy To Get That There Is No Challenge Left For Him To Do

Another reason why men pull away is that there is no more challenge from you. One thing you should remember is that men love challenges. If he feels that you are always available at his convenience, then you should think twice about the situation already. What you need to do here is to get back to who you really are and have life outside of your romantic relationship. Do not let your world revolve around him.

4.  Your Man Met Another Woman

Ouch! This is definitely heartbreaking, but you have to face the truth if this is his reason. If you are not committed yet with each other, then you do not have any right to ask or demand for any explanation. Just like what we mentioned earlier, just focus on the more positive things. If he is not your prince charming, then it is a good thing so that you will find the right one for you. Just repeat this to yourself: It is his loss anyway. ?

5.  He Lost His Identity While Being With You

469-eyeOur individuality should never be lost even if we start dating someone. This is why it becomes a problem for some. If a man feels that he is slowly losing his identity, the tendency is that he will pull away from you. If you are wondering how to avoid this, then the answer is quite simple. Just remember to “let him be” this just means that you should never impose on your man. Let him do his thing and do not do things to change him. Give him space to grow so that it will be easier for the both of you.

6.  You Gave In Too Soon

Are you guilty with this reason? If yes, then you have no one to blame than yourself. This reason is related to keeping him challenged with you. If you gave yourself too soon, then there will be no more time to develop what you feel for each other. Well, the good thing is that you will know that your romantic prospect is just after sex.

7.  He Has His Personal Issues

Some men feel that if he has personal issues, then he needs to solve it by himself. This is another very common reason why men pull away. If this is the case then let him handle what needs to be fixed on his life. If he really likes you, then he will surely find his way back.469-issues

8.  He Is Just Making Fun Of You Because He Is A Player

Well, this reason may be uncalled for, but it is very common. A lot of men just want to enjoy their single life. Sadly, some men think of women as trophies wherein, the principle “the more, the merrier” can be applied. For this, do not shed tears for them. Players are not worth your precious time. Just go back to your normal life and say “next, please!”.

9.  Your Man Feels Like You Are Pushing Him Away From You

Most men want to feel that they have a chance of winning your heart, an assurance of some sort. If you always make him feel that you are not interested, then he will surely pull away from you. What you should do is to find the balance. Do not give in too easily, but also do not make him feel like there is no chance that you will fall for him eventually.

10. He Really Likes You, But He Is Afraid Of What Might Happen

Of all the reasons, this is one of the sweetest and yet very frustrating. A lot of men are guilty of this. If he seems to be avoiding you, it does not necessarily mean that he does not like you. It can be other way around. Maybe, he is just too overwhelmed of his developing feelings for you.
These are just some of the most common reasons why a someone becomes distant.

If you feel that your man seems to not have time for you and suddenly becomes cold, then the best thing is to ask him personally. Just like what we mentioned, each situation is unique. Let your man explain his side and decide from there.