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How To Transition From Date To The Bed

I once told a girl that I was dating to come over to my place and hang out. She said, so what do you want to do today? I told her that I wanted her to come over and have some sex with her, and then we’d go out and do something fun.

I couldn’t understand at the time why she got upset with me, and subsequently didn’t want to come over anymore after that.

Luckily, we’re still friends and I asked her about this months later. I was shocked at what she told me.  She said that she DID want to come over and have fun, but that I “cheapened” it by talking about it directly.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

“How could telling you honestly and truthfully that I want to be intimate with you cheapen the act of doing it?” I asked (quite angrily at that point).  She went on to explain that when you want a girl to come over, and you know that intimacy is going to happen, it’s better to speak in implication, and refer to it indirectly.

“Well how do I do THAT, and WHY should I have to?” I asked… still upset, but very curious to discover the answer.

She understood my frustration, but reassured me that most women are like this. She told me that if I want a girl to come over and be intimate, that it’s a LOT better to tell her that I’ve been thinking about her, and that I miss her, and how I would love nothing more for her to come over and spend time with me.

“Well that sounds like the same thing! I mean, she KNOWS damn well that if she comes over to spend time, we’re going to end up having it. She KNOWS that, so why do I have to beat around the bush and avoid mentioning it directly???”

I was so confused, but also excited because her words did ring true for me. I realized then that I had been going about things all wrong when I invited girls to come over to my place.

I realized that I made them feel cheap by directly referring to our time together as a time for us to just to be intimate.

But if I simply told them that I wanted them to come over and just be with me, and tell them that I miss them… it would make them feel okay about it (even though they knew that it was inevitable and they might very well be the one to initiate it).

So remember, never indicate directly that you want her to come over for it. The lovemaking part is already ASSUMED, and therefore you don’t ever have to bring it up.

But when is it okay to talk about it?

Honestly, in my experience… if you want to talk about it directly with a woman, wait until you’ve been with them a few times in bed. At that point, they are comfortable enough with you to talk openly about such things, and they won’t feel like that’s ALL you want them for.

If you have been able to seduce a woman, it is never by luck. You have executed your plan in a smart way. Two factors are needed if you want to seduce a woman – self confidence and a sincere interest on your part in her.

There are few “words” which will help you seduce a woman. No matter how tough a woman there are some “magic words” which invariably seduce any woman in this world.

The first medium you use to interact with a woman is through talking to her. So when you are talking to a woman whom you want to seduce – be smart. Depending on the conversation she has with you she will assume your personality. It is a kind of evaluation she runs on you. Hence it is a must for you to be good at talking.

Seduction is not possible in a single meet. You need to be patient. Don’t be over confident or hasty when you speak to a woman. Be slow and make her understand your point. Observe her body language for any welcome indicators.

If you give her an impression of being an egotist, then you will never get her. Show a true interest when talking to her. She has to understand that you are good and capable enough to make her aspirations come true.

Focus on the WHOLE PROCESS rather than the “results” of it while trying to seduce.

Right words at the right time will do the trick.

A woman is always interested to talk to a person who is good at talking. If you speak like a magician then you can certainly seduce her with use of right words.

The choice of words when you talk has a very great affect on her sexual aspirations. You must make her never forget the conversation she has had with you.

Be elegant and graceful and stylish while you talk to your dream lady. You should be charming enough to be able to impress her. Once you have mastered these “magic words” and the use of it, seduction will be an easy game for you. In no time you will be enjoying great sex with her.

REMEMBER: Seduction is an art.

Be alert to notice any signals that she might give. Be slow; let the whole experience move at a gradual pace from one phase to another. This is where the whole beauty and mystery of seduction lies in.

One of the most “romantic” things you can possibly do is learn how to communicate with women on a “sexual” level.

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