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Part 2 – How to Make a Woman Fuck You

Hi hello there…

The last article, we touched on several things that you could do to change your game and to tweak it to your favour…

Well I hope that from that article alone, you’ve actually taken the liberty to USE what you’ve learned then.. because as with all things that you learn, if you don’t use it, you’ll eventually forget about it.

So if you have not applied some of the stuff I’ve shared there, please refer back to that article, re-read it and start USING it.

Go go go!

But if you have started using some of the stuff I’ve shared there, here’s even more stuff that you can start using straight away…

One thing I hope you have begun to realize is the fact that “closing” it with a woman, it really isn’t as complicated as most men make it to be…

It’s really not about memorizing 298 steps, it’s more about just understanding how a woman’s mind works, and then tweaking your game and “Feeding” off of her sweet spots.

It’s the words you use… the things you say… how you say… those are the things that matters to her… not your looks, not how much money you make, not who you know, none of those.

WankingYou know one of the first things we normally do in our coaching sessions is to ask the guys to stop wanking off. To stop that filthy habit once and for all.

Why do I call it “filthy” when it is one of the most natural tendencies we humans have?

  • Is wanking off that bad?
  • Is masturbating all that bad?

Well, to “wank” – there’s really no “sin” in that… the only “sin” in the consistent habit of wanking is the fact that it makes you “lazy”.

It makes you lose your “urge” to want to better yourself.

To go out and do whatever it takes to get a REAL woman, to get REAL SEX, rather than just imagining about it. Rather than just fantasizing about it.

If you want sex, go out and get the REAL DEAL.

As a man, I know it’s frustrating not being able to get sex as often as you feel like. Or worst case scenario, losing all the women you are targeting to fuck to another guy who ALL THE GIRLS think he is irresistible.

Well you can be that guy, no wait.

You can be much better than that guy.

All you’ve got to do is to change your mindset.

You’ve got to have that mindset of ABUNDANCE.Abundance

That “closing” women… it’s easy.

Because it really is!

The fact of the matter is… there are so many women who are horny, some showing it and others too proud to show it wishing to be fucked. It’s really all up to *you* to make their wishes come true.

So here’s part 2 to making that happen…

Adventure Begins

No.1 – If you really want to get her to your bed, you need to venture into adventure.

Women love adventure and love the idea of guessing or exploring another world. When you have struck a conversation with her and she is feeling comfortable around you, tell and “convince” her she is living a boring life. (You of course do this indirectly).

Doing it directly just makes you look like a dick.

Everyone goes through the same “boring”, “no excitement”, “same old, same old” every day and she is most likely going through the same…

In fact, most of us do!

But deep down, everyone longs for excitement.

Girls, especially.

And when you act as that “gateway” to an interesting, alternative adventure, guess how would she feel?

You want to be that guy leading her to an “adventure” chock-full of excitement…

And when you can do that, it’s like you’re getting  a free ticket to having her in your bed.

No.2 – Be the man of mystery.

Mystery ManWhen something is mysterious, as humans, we generally want to find more about it and get to know the mystery behind the phenomenon.

Women can’t resist a mysterious man.

There is something about “mysterious men” that draws women to them.

Just like how light draws moths around it, women acts like moths around a mysterious man.

Acting as mysterious man and keeping a high sex appeal is a great way to get all those women around you throwing themselves at you. When you are mysterious, you raise curiosity from a woman and they will naturally  want to know you better.

  • “Who is he?”
  • “Why is he like that?”
  • “What does he do?”
  • “Why did he do what he did?”
  • “Why?”

That’s what you want to be implanting in her mind.

Some will wonder whether you take mysteriousness to bed.

Women believe that a mysterious man is very good in bed.


So make use of your “fake” mysteriousness and fuck any woman that you fancy ?

No.3 – Act picky and come up with a reason to end your hypotonic relationship.

RelationshipAfter you have become comfortable with her, come up with a playful topic of discussion and break up the friendship.

Here are some things you can say to her:

  • What is your favorite movie?
  • Which is best boy band ever?
  • Whatever answer she gives, give her shit.
  • Bust her balls.
  • Mess with her.
  • Mock the shit out of her. (in a flirty way).

Then add in a phrase like:

This means we can’t be friends anymore, right?

This will cause some sexual tension.

Hold this sexual tension for some time then offer second chance of your ‘friendship’ and make her go through a fun swearing such as pinky swear. From the pinky swear, your door is open to lead her in any direction that you want.

No.4 – Tell her that it’s her fault that she has sparked some feeling inside you despite that you are not ready for relationship now, maybe in the future.

Chemistry RomanceYou can say:

“Why are you doing this to me? Why are you making my heart ache and beat so fast every time you are with me? I feel like grabbing you and kissing you so hard.”

Then give her the “piggy kiss”

No way she won’t laugh ?

Women like it when  she can turn on a man and she will want to “finish” up her mission. Through this you will be displaying a “hot”, playful, funny sexual intent and at the same time creating sexual tension… how can you ever go wrong with that?

No. 5 – If you are in a club, you should ask her to dance with you.

When you are slow dancing, ask her to bite your neck in an assumptive and dominant tone. I know, it sounds weird. Sick, even lol. But hear me  out for a sec.Dancing

Women love to dance especially being shifted on the dance floor sensually and romantically. And when you ask her to “bite” you, she will immediately be thinking “wtf?!”

Well just get her to do it. When she bites, tell her you love it. Tell her… you want more. Tell her to bite you deeper with more “passion”… let her “feel” your hard-on… do it in a funny way. She will laugh, but you will get her thinking…. Did she really turn you on that much?

Well just keep the momentum up and keep doing it…   By the time you are done with this biting on the dance floor, she will laughing. She’ll be having a good time… you’ll be having a good time…

You’ve then made her “horny”… You have then made her “comfortable” with you making her horny. This is the time you sweep her from the dance floor to your house or a nearby hotel room and fuck her crazy.

No.6 – If you are in a relationship or married, you need to know that fucking the same woman is not boring.

All you need to do is spruce up and awaken those sleeping sexual feelings.

Remember the first time you fucked her that you got so crazy about her… you committed to stick with her til now?

Well, you can have that fucking episode again and again.

A great way to have her fuck you is to come up with GAMES.

Sex GamesFunny ones.

There are so many awesome games that a couple can play together.

You can play a card game and if one loses takes off their clothes.

One way or another, one of you will end up naked if not both of you.

Both of you naked with her tight nipples looking at you  and your dick getting an erection , how can you not be turned on?

Before you know it, you’ll be fucking each other.

Another game that is great turn on is to play servant and master.

You can be her “master” for the week and she has to do any damn thing you tell her to. You can finger her for a couple of times in the week to build up that sexual urge and when both of you can’t take it anymore, fuck each other until you get enough.

With that in mind… Part 3 coming soon… so…

Stay tuned!