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Mastering Your Inner Game

Finding Your Inner Game

Many men have been looking for ways to be more successful with women. They work out. They clean up nicely and they try to learn the best ways to behave in front of a lady. But what they do not know is the true way to gain success with women is by finding your inner game. Women don’t want to be with guys who pretend to be someone they are not.

Inner game helps you improve yourself as you learn from your past dating experiences. Learning to work on this helps you develop a better outlook in life and this helps you develop your confidence as well. This new sense of self worth allows you be more successful with women and with your over all interaction with other people.

The Real You

AttitudeBefore you try to master all the tricks, pick up lines, and seduction techniques to be the perfect date, you have to first understand that no matter how well you do with all these methods, one day your woman will see the real you.

So before you try to be anyone else, get to know yourself first.

Do you know who the real you is?

Do you like who you are now?

To find your inner game, you have to know who you truly are, what you really want and how you want things to be done. This step takes a lot of reflection and looking back to your past mistakes and learn from them. Open your eyes and see yourself for who you are now. Then try to look to the future and visualize how you see yourself after a couple of years.

It may take a lot of reflection and psychological understanding of your personal issues and how to deal with them. But the bottom line to being confident being the real you, is that you will have to overcome your insecurities, angsts, worries, and fears. If you fail to do so, these negative factors will reveal themselves in any relationship you get into and cause problems.

Even as you go out on a date, all your negativity will somehow show as you present yourself to women. No matter how hard good your outer game is, your self esteem issues will still be evident and would affect how you deal with every situation.

Real Attractiveness

When you get the real picture of who you truly are, you also have to learn to appreciate the traits that you have. Don’t focus on the things that you dislike about yourself. You may not be movie actor gorgeous, but you have to believe that you are attractive too. The idea of being “ugly” or not good looking enough weakens your self confidence.

Attractive WomanReal attractiveness come from within. Before anyone else appreciates your looks, you should be the one to appreciate it first. Know your strongest feature and use it to your advantage. If you believe that you look good then you will feel good about yourself too. Your self confidence will improve and this makes you more attractive as well.

The Power of Being Natural

Today, there are a lot of websites, books and even talk shows teaching men on how to be the best date a woman can have. You can spend all your money on clothes, perfume, lavish gifts and an expensive car to impress the girls. But these are all materialistic ways to find women to date and even sleep with. This does not assure you of finding true love.

Of course, if you try to get a girl using these shallow ways, you can also expect that the kind of girls you will be getting are not the kind who will stick around when your money is all gone. Most men fail to see the power of simply being themselves. If you have mastered your inner game, you will find the right girl who will be impressed by who you really are.

Be happy

Before you find your inner game, the first thing you need to find is contentment. Trying to be someone or something you are not is very tiring and frustrating. If you learn to appreciate yourself more and the things you are capable of doing then you will be happier to be who you are.  You won’t need to pretend or even try to make big changes to please your women.Be Happy

Men who are contented and happy with who they are radiate with positive energy that attracts women. Men who feel good about themselves are also very good company. Women love the lack of inhibitions and pretense of these confident men that it interests them to know more about him. I myself like it when a guy is fun and spontaneous.

A better man

Learning to master your inner game is followed by success with women. But the benefits of a solid inner game does not end there. You don’t only become good with women but you become a better person too. Your confidence allows you to succeed in any endeavor you put your heart into. This also makes you a very likeable person to anyone you meet.

Support your Outer Game

A solid inner game is the key to a successful outer game. A good outer game can get you the women, but this is all for play. Soon you will get tired of all the deception and pretending. You would want a woman to take you seriously and for a more grounded relationship. The key to this is a good inner game that will naturally support your outer game.

It only comes to show that to improve your chances of success with women, you should start by improving yourself from within. You have to learn to let go off all your negativity and allow all your good traits to show.

A good inner and outer game go hand in hand. It takes some time to master this method, but if you are wise you will be working hard on finding your inner game first.