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How To “Romance” & Sweep A Woman Off Her Feet

It is as important as it is a mysterious task for guys – how to make that girl who you have gone out once or twice, think about you more, be more interested and hopefully fall in love with you?

I believe the answer to this question is surprisingly simple, but is also very important to know that in order for you to have a “successful” dating life, as attracting women and making them more interested in you is indispensable to a great dating life.

What I am going to say is going to sound very obvious, but I really do think it’s worth reminding – think about all the people in your life: your co-workers, your close and not so close relatives, your friends, acquaintances, and alike.

Out of all those people, some of whom you barely keep in touch with, others whom you talk to once in a while and see once in a while, but not so much because you like them but out of some sense of duty or obligation for one reason or another, and then there are other people whom you simply look forward to seeing.

It doesn’t really require explanation or analysis.

You just feel it.

You don’t really need to “make time” for those people.

Seeing them is a priority to you and not because you have to see them, but because you WANT to see them.

But… did you ever ask yourself what is it – what makes you want to see those people as opposed to others.

Well, I would venture that the reason you want to see them is because you enjoy their company. Their company is either fun, or entertaining or intellectually stimulating or all of the above.

It’s as simple as that.

I believe that the same exact principle applies to women.

They want to be around people and around guys who are (1) interesting, (2) funny and (3) different.

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Thus, one of the most effective ways to make a woman interested in you and think about you when you are not together, is to make your every contact, whether it’s a meeting, a phone call, or even an e-mail or a text an experience.

How you do it, of course, depends on the kind of women you like.

I was always drawn to witty and sarcastic women who enjoy and even get turned on when I give them a hard time.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t suggest that you should be that constantly happy-go-lucky guy, pretending that you live in a bubble and running around, saying “It’s so beautiful today, I love my life, etc…”

Again, I am talking about sarcastic, dark humor, without going too much and coming across as too cynical and bitter.

Indeed, every interaction can be turned from plain to interesting, from ordinary to funny and playful.

Here are a just a few example of how a plain conversation or a common question can be turned into a flirtatious, playful interaction:

A girl might ask you as early as the first few minutes of your first date: “How come you are still single?” You might answer this with a plain, boring, “I haven’t met the right person” or “It’s hard to meet quality people” or … “I am too busy to meet people.”
Or, you may consider showing your attractive confidence and playfulness by saying: “Well, I don’t have personality, I don’t have sense of humour, and … I am insecure.”

“I guess I don’t have anything to offer, and that’s why no one wants me.”? 🙁 If your prior interaction with the girl has already proven to her that you are an attractive, interesting guy, this answer is going to sound very funny.

A girl might send you a text message after your date, saying “You are cute!” and you might reply with “Thanks, you are cute too.”
But hey, if you were a funny, interesting company during the date, you could do better, and you could reply with: “Oh dear, that’s what they all say.” ;p

You might be talking to a girl on the phone while you are shopping, and she might ask you what you are looking to buy. You might say that you are looking to get some groceries, or – you may do better: you may unleash a self deprecatory humor, showing your confidence and saying something like: “oh… just a few things… personality, character, masculinity, style, or… and I see that self-esteem is on sale today…. buy one, get one free. Would you like me to pick you one? I think it comes with a pair of heels.”

You might be trying to set up a date with a girl and she might ask you “Does 7 pm work for you?” Instead of “Yes” you could say: “Well, I am meeting Christine at 5pm and Angela at 9 pm, so it should work our perfectly.” *wink* ;p

These are just a few examples of how you can come across as entertaining, funny guy with lots of personality, and someone who she will be eager to see again and again.

Of course, you should mix humor and sarcasm with showing your serious or “interesting” side as well.

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