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10 Simple Text Flirting Secrets To Get The Girl You Want

Do you want to do some flirting over text, but you don’t know how to?

Mobile flirting and seduction has been emerging as a popular choice for intimate interaction in this mobile age. You’ll have a girl wanting more if you do things right and take your time.

426-flirtingHowever, most men do not know how to do this properly, so they usually crash and burn during their advances. That’s why I’m here. I’ll show you how can flirting via text lead to irresistible sexual tension.

The Magic of Call Back Humor

It is really important that you make a good first impression with a girl. Usually, I delve deeper on our common interests or any peculiar aspects of her background. This can be a good opportunity to assign her a special nickname. When I get her number, that’s when the fun starts. The nickname will be the basis of your build-up interaction with her.

This is what I term “Call Back Humor”. It simply means creating a good impression and building up that impression in succeeding interactions. This will make a girl feel really special since she’ll see that you remembered your first encounter very well. This will put you in the driver’s seat, that’s for sure.

Familiarity Breeds Attraction

Another approach that I usually do during a conversation is “assumed familiarity”. When you are texting, give off a vibe that you already know each other for a long time. Some teasing can be really helpful in making a girl comfortable talking with you.

Creativity is Limitless

Surprisingly, most women actually have uneventful days most of the time. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies for them, so being creative in your approach can surely make her entire day. Throw away those “what’s up?” or “I’m okay, you?” one-liners once in a while and show your fun and exciting side. Your girl will surely see you in a new light, and who knows what can happen after? This might be the big break you’ve been waiting for.

However, you should keep in mind one important thing: you should take into consideration the status of your relationship with the girl in your texting approach.

Why is this important, by the way?

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You may already know that there are several witty texts that can be used online. Not all of them are effective; in fact, you’re going to be rejected most of the time If you just text these messages one after another, simply because it doesn’t fit into the conversation.

Another point that you should take note of is that while texting is an incredible tool in building up your relationship with a girl, nothing can really beat a good old-fashioned person-to-person interaction. The success of your text messages is entirely dependent on the foundation of your human interaction.

Assume that you had a good first date with a girl. Because you made a good impression in person, texting will only boost your chances of being together with her. However, if you somehow screwed up that date, then the damage has been done, most likely.

Here are some helpful flirting secrets using via text messaging :

1. Make the first move

You want to have a relationship with this girl, right? Then you should not just sit back and wait for a perfect opportunity. Take initiative. Make the first move. A simple “hey, how’s your day?” is usually enough for that. The girl may not see that as important for now, but the point is that you must establish yourself before you advance.

2. Striking the perfect balance

Remember your goal when texting a girl you like. You want a first date with her? Then try and you’re your way through a charming and interesting persona. Be casual, with preserving some thoughtfulness and intimacy in your actions.

3. There’s no perfect time to text a girl426-time

You may have heard a lot of arguments as to when you should text a girl. Should you text her right away to make her feel important, or you’ll wait for a few days in order to become too eager in her mind. In my opinion, there really is not perfect time. Just go and do your regular activities. Don’t stress out on it too much, and text her what you really want to.

4. Short and simple please

You should be straight to your point, without sacrificing any charm or wit in your texts. Usually, 2 or 3 sentences is more than enough for that.

5. Be assertive

Nothing piques a girl’s interest more than a man who knows what he wants. When asking her out, you should have good plan of activities during the date. Do not give the girl the burden of picking where to eat or what movie to watch. That’s too much for a first date.

6. Patience is a virtue

You may forget this, but girls live their own lives too. They may be too busy to text back so they usually message you at night. Some even forget to text you at all. As I’ve said earlier, do not be completely occupied by the fact that the girl didn’t text you back. Do what you usually do every day. Relax.

7. Live your life to the fullest

I’m not really a life coach by all means, but I find this important when texting a girl. If you always do interesting stuff, you’ll have more interesting stories and thoughts to share with the girl. It’s that simple.

8. Pictures are your friends

Funny or interesting pictures can really spark up an otherwise boring conversation. Saw a duck in your parking lot? Take a snapshot, or even a selfie with it. The girl will really find it funny most of the time.

9. Step out of your comfort zone426-comfort

The entire dating experience is really a game of trial and error. You should take note what work for you, and what doesn’t. Sometimes things just wouldn’t go in your favor, so go learn from that and move on.

10. Rules are meant to be broken

I know that I shared a lot of tips with you, but this one is probably the most important. All the previous tips are just guidelines for you to have a feel of how the flirting game works. It’s all up to you to see what is applicable and what’s not. The sky’s the limit.

Remember that girls love guys who are true to themselves.

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