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Part 3 – How to Make A Woman Fuck You

Hello again and welcome back!

It’s good to be back here again with part 3 of 3 for you here today…

Just to recap, previously, we discussed some “steamy” and “informative” ways that will help you in your mission on how to “close ‘’ it with a woman.

I hope that you’ve been reading and learning attentively so far… taking all the information and USING it…?

If you have not… then please go back to article no.1 and start from there…

But if you have already started using the tips I shared earlier, a big pat on the back to you, my friend… as I am going to arm you with some more tips and tricks that you can start using immediatelLook at Womany.

So alright then… if you have been paying attention, you will notice that “closing” it with a girl is not an uphill challenge… an impossible task as most guys make it to be…

By now you should know that it’s not about cramming and memorizing a long list of “strategies”, instead it’s more about understanding and mastering how a woman’s mind works and using that your advantage so as to make her to “want” to fuck you.

Damn do I love that line… how to make her to “want” to fuck you every time… Lol.


What really counts here is the way you carry yourself around her; the way you talk to her,  look at her, flirt with her, seduce her, etc… these are the little things that matters to her – not how classy you dress, how thick your wallet is, how expensive your car is — none of these things matters.

That being said, the next thing I’d like for you to do is to STOP WATCHING porn RIGHT NOW.

ANY form of porn that you might be watching during your free time, your “alone” time, your “masturbating” time, whatever you call it, just STOP.

Of couse I am  not saying that watching porno by itself is bad.

I mean, who are we trying to kid here. We’re guys.

We all love watching porn.

I’m sure you have endless collections of porn movies stacked nicely in your drawer by your bedside somewhere. You may have playboy, erotic magazines stashed nicely there too.

I’m cool with that.

What I’m not cool however, is the fact that most guys tend to cross the line and rely solely on those magazines and movies to jerk off, get off and satisfy themselves and that’s it.

They fantasize and dream about fucking their dream girl, masturbate themselves to death with those fantasies and that’s it. That’s as far as they will go.

End of story.

What you need to do instead is to aim higher and better for yourself.

What you need to do is to go out there and grab for yourself a REAL woman… grab yourself  a  REAL pussy to fuck, rather than laying low just “fantasizing” about it.

There are so many women out there waiting to be fucked.

Wanting to be fucked.

They want to fuck.

But they only want to fuck the right guy.

… and you have to be that guy.

So roll up your sleeves like a REAL man, go out and get the REAL icing on the cake.

I know how disappointing it can be not being able to “close” it with a girl when you really have the urge.

The urge to fuck.

This is not the time to continue blaming yourself, all you have to do is to change your attitude.

You should know by now that sleeping with a woman is pretty easy and most importantly… to believe in yourself… to believe that YOU can do it.

Yes you can.

So, let’s continue to part 3 to make the magic happen….

Rule No. 1 – Dominate

The truth is women love being dominated.

Domination works.

DominantBut not the sadistic kind, not the kind you see on porn.

You have to know how to arouse the right feelings in her so that she can surrender to your needs.

It’s about you creating an erotic, sexy, dirty, deep connection with her.

And what you’ve got to do is to incorporate dominant, caring and ‘US’ aspects together.

Some women like to be spanked on their ass or ordered to dress in a sexy costume.

Make sure you “order” her to “give it to you” the way you like it and a way she will love it.


But again, it’s not like any way you imagine it to be, ok.

Not like the ones you see in porn.

There’s a very subtle art in doing it right… in a way that’s sexy to her.

Rule No. 2- Become her challenge

As a man, you need to be self-driven, passionate and focused.

A man like this always gets recognition from women.Flex Muscle

Women love it when a man knows what he wants in life. Showing that you have a direction and you can take control of things is a great turn-on for women.

After making a ‘connection’ with her, make sure you put a Challenge on her every time you are together.

This will make her want you more.

Rule No.3 – Look at other women

Women hate it when you shift your attention to other women.

They get terribly jealous at the other women you’re looking at.

  • What is it she has I don’t?
  • What so special about her?
  • She is not even that beautiful?

These are some of the questions that go though their minds when you look.

This jealousy can work for you because she will realize that she likes you the minute she feels jealous.

From there, take it home… but again I have remind you that the type of “looking at other women” here is not the type where you’re ogling and drooling at women whenever you see a hot one pass by. That just makes you look like a desperado or a playboy.

The one I’m talking about here is subtly shifting your attention to another girl with the sole intention of inciting “jealousy” from a girl who might or might not already like you.

This is a trick to use mostly when you want to turn a girl “friend” of yours to become more than that… to become your girlfriend.

A little more on that later.

No. 4- Tell her things that make you like her.

Women love to be praised. Of course, positive things.

When telling her the things that make you like her — make sure you compare her with other women but let her know she is special from others.

You can let her know you love the way she carries herself, her beauty, her smile, the way she handles issues, deals with life, etc.

Make sure you tell her this looking straight to her eyes and do it with conviction.

She will feel appreciated, happy, flattered and warm-up to you. Use it at the correct time, using the right words and you’ll see how powerful this simple trick can really work to your favor.

No.5- Intrigue her

As discussed earlier, texting is a great way to get a woman to bed.

You  can use texting to intrigue her.Text Woman

If you are already sleeping with her, it’s easy to reel her in wanting more with your phone.

It goes something like this:

The night you are planning to fuck her, send her a text that afternoon:

“You don’t what to know what I’m planning to do to you tonight…”

She will reply, because she wants to know more. You’ve got her intrigued.

Just reply, “Wait till tonight to find out.”

And say nothing more…

Believe you me, curiosity will do wonders for your game. She will be checking her watch now and then waiting for night to come.

And when night finally comes and you have her behind closed door, that’s when you will see the “beast” in her coming out like no other lol.

No.6- Let her miss you

You need to let her “miss you”.

Woman Thinking ManYou don’t need to meet her everyday.

You just have to not be there every once in a while.

Make yourself unavailable and when you meet — make your date with her as memorable as hell.

The “disappear” for a while.

This will make her look forward to seeing you and if she doesn’t see you for some weeks, she will look for you.

Her “missing status” is a great way to use to your advantage to get her to sleep with you.

As you can see, making a woman to want to fuck you is not that hard.

Again, you don’t have to memorize every single tip.

Just master the ones which are easy to remember and you are good to go.

That’s all for now… I’ll talk to you again soon…

Stay tuned!