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Part 1 : How to Make a Woman Fxxx You

Guys are born to fuck women.

Am I being too “brash” in saying that?

A little “over-the-top”, you say?

Well, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and I’m just laying out mine.

When we guys see a hot woman, we’re genetically programmed to have that urge to “want” to fuck her. We see a hot girl, we get a hard-on. That’s just how we’re built. And that’s perfectly fine ?

Imagine seeing a perfect “9” standing right in front of you, with that teasing-tight tank top, her breasts are jotting out, you try desperately not to look, but you just had to look.Hot Babe 10

She’s right there with that short, sexy mini-skirt; with legs that seem to go on forever, those long, “mouth-watering” legs. Her ass is toned as hell, tight as it can ever be… you see it, you want to grab it, lick it, taste it… I mean… you get the drift.

Won’t you get a hard on if she’s standing there right in front of you? Won’t you get even a little “stimulated” smelling her hair… her perfume?

Now if you find yourself not getting even a intsy “hard” when she’s right there next to you, then chances are, you “might” have a little “problem” down there. Just sayin’ ?

Anyway jokes aside, you get what I mean.

That’s just the way we are.

We see someone hot, we want to fuck.

The problem arises when we see someone hot, and we CAN’T fuck.

Why can’t we fuck?

  • Because she doesn’t want us to fuck.
  • Because we can’t get her to want to fuck.

That’s some serious frustration there.

And that’s something 99% of guys feel most of the time.

The frustration of not being able to “close” it with the girl we want. Not knowing how to “close” the girl we want.

But the good news is you found this article here today.

This is where I’m going to reveal how you’re going to fuck the girl you want.

…How you’re going to make the girl you want… to want to fuck you too.

There will be 3 parts to this “explanation” here… so there’ll be a part 1, 2 and 3.

In this article, we will discuss Part 1 of how you can be able to get that woman you have been drooling for in your workplace, neighborhood, park, church or from wherever you are intending to get your women to sleep with you.

Now, it’s true that some women can look REALLY unapproachable, “cold” and aloof sometimes, but behind that stern, “closed off” look, they always want their soft places… “touched.”

You just have to know what they are and how to use them, that’s all.

Step no.1 – confidence.
Rock solid. You’ve got to have rock. solid. confidence. By this, I’m referring to the “no one can shake” you type.
Not even “The rock” – I know… lame ha ha.

But yeah, women LOVE a guy with solid inner game, someone who is SURE about himself. Someone who is COMFORTABLE with who he is.

The funny thing here is… you don’t REALLY have to be sure of what you are saying.


The main thing is SHOWING a woman that you are sure and you always stand by your word. Do it congruently, do it right and you will be making an incredible impression that will enable you get some nice sex.

Really ?

Women are actually pretty easy to impress. They are not “naïve”, mind you… but they are pretty easy to get through once you know her buttons… her “soft spots”.

So as a man, it’s your responsibility to take the lead and show the way. Remember to mix it all up… the seduction, flirting, humor, ego and of course show the “soft side” of you.

To get her to your bed, you need to take your conversation or meeting to the “next level.” It is mandatory as man to know how to “talk” to a woman. A guy who knows how to hold a conversation with a woman always ends up fucking her at some point. So, you have to make use of good “words” but at the same time act a little hard to get.

You’ve got to flirt with more “sass”, push her boundaries a little, be a little “edgy” sometimes.  Don’t be putting her on top of that pedestal and treating her like the “princess”, giving in to all her whims and wants all the time…

There’s a delicate push-pull there which you have got to be “tactful” enough to pull off.

I’m not asking you to be that jerk who’s always looking to be “overly cocky” with her, women HATE that… what I’m asking you instead again is to know when to “push” and when to “pull”…

You know, we have been mis-lead for a long time that being “hard to get” is a woman thing. Well it used to be so, but not anymore. Not now, anyways.

As a man, you should know when to be “hard to get”, you should also know when to use a *barrier* with “sexual suspense” to your advantage. This will make her yearn for you more and what to explore you in bed.

Once you get comfortable with a woman, you should not be afraid to talk about sexual issues. Most guys usually shy away from talking about sex with a woman thinking it will scare them away. Well yes, you can scare them away if you approach the topic badly and introduce the talk at the wrong moment.

First, you have to make her feel comfortable, that time when you are alone somewhere either in a club or party, your hands are holding, she is looking at you and when you look at her she blushes shyly.

This is the time where you blame her for making you fall so hard for her. Then you to talk about your best sex experiences and describe them sensually in a way that will work to your advantage. Even though you have not really experienced the “best sex” yet, act the part… do it like a pro and tell her sexual stories that women love to hear to win yourself a fuck moment with her ?

Women love to be appreciated and being told they are attractive and beautiful. With this, complement her beauty even though she is a blonde and you are into brunettes.

The fact is, whether she is a brunette, red head or blonde, it doesn’t matter since all of them are women and your objective is getting her to fuck you.  Use ” barriers” to make her want you more.

For example you can say, “Well, beautiful girls like you never make a decision on which man they want, so frustrating”.

Of course as you are telling her all this, you need to use your special deep, controlled, rhythm, strong and unapologetic eye contact holding her hands.

If you are the type who is into poetry (YES POETRY, bitch), use it to your advantage.

Borrow a few lines from there and USE IT.

Women “generally” love poetry, that’s why they always get stupidly emotional when watching Romeo and Juliet type of movies.

If you don’t know poetry, there’s no harm learning… ….they will come in handy one day, you will never know ? Poetry is a seduction language from time in memorial. She will be so fucking turned on, she can’t wait to fuck you.

Yes, really ?

Let’s now proceed to the art of texting…

You use it with a girl you met some days ago and you haven’t slept with yet.

Now, do not underestimate the power of texting.

Text MessagingWhat you need to do here is use your phone to play a texting GAME.

A good game is to use sexual words, you text her a sexual word that comes to your mind like ‘Lick’ then she will text you back with another sexual explicit word or phrase, keep the game on back and forth.

Try it, then let me know what you think.

Invite her for a crazy weekend hang out.

You can go camping together or do crazy things that guys do in college.

Girls love crazy men who are adventurous and ready to try out new stuff.

By the time you are through with the weekend, the 2 of you will have fucked and fucked, it will all just be about fucking ? Sex is known to be always “sweeter” and tantalizing when you have it on outings and illegal places.

Another trick is to act as the “savior” she has been waiting for all this while to sweep her off her feet.

Tell her that she is missing out on great fun and exciting sex and you can help her out. Try as much as possible to “convince” her how she has been having boring sex and dating boring guys.

This “convincing” should be done INDIRECTLY and not directly. Big difference in outcomes there.

“Tell” her it is her fault she is having boring sex and guys and convince her by acting as a love doctor or sex specialist, then watch and see how her heart will melt for you. Tell her she is smoking hot and she needs to be “explored.”Sex specialist

You want to “explore” her. Tell her that.

Blame her for making you feel comfortable with her… “blame” her for making you get so attracted to her.

For now, I will leave it here.

Watch out for PART 2 where I will continue discussing how to get any woman to fuck you.

Stay tuned!