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5 Ways to Seduce Women

A surefire way to get dumped by a girl you like is to be too obvious, too “upfront”, too soon… with her.  It’s crucial for you to remember that seduction is an art form;  art by it’s definition is defined as an expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.

When you think about it, there’s huge part of subtleness that goes into it.

We will be discussing simple, yet cunningly effective ways to seduce a girl here today. These tips, which you may also find in Bobby Rio and Rob’s “Unlock Her Legs” program, will be the nudge that will change your status from single to taken and loveless to the most desirable bachelor in town.

Yes, really ?

Understand That Attraction Is Counter Intuitive

Of all the tricks  that I learned from the ingenious “Unlock Her Legs”, this is probably one that took me by surprise. I couldn’t really grasp it at first, but once I began to understand the philosophy behind it, everything suddenly “gel-ed”, everything started to “click” and there I was sitting there wondering to myself “why didn’t I think of that?!!”  You see, the principle itself seems to defy the norm, and yet, when I think about it, it is true in every sense.

If you really want to seduce a girl; any girl for that matter, then you should always remember that attraction is counter intuitive. For example, instead of going after her, why not let her go after you instead?  One thing to remember is that the exact opposite of what you usually do, most of the time, works when it comes to attraction.

Have you ever wondered why “bad boys” usually get any woman that they want? This is because of the counter intuitive principle. They are masters of the counter intuitive. Generally speaking, women want what they can’t easily get.

Be Unpredictable

450-unpredictableWomen want mystery. Despite what they usually complain about, it really is ingrained deep within a woman to be subconsciously drawn to  the “drama” and “excitement” that someone can give. Because of this, unpredictability is another good way to seduce a woman. Just like what Bobby Rio and Rob pointed out in their program, a man should be tactful enough to know when to be sending mixed signals as a push and pull with his target. You keep her guessing. And by keeping a girl guessing, you’re subconsciously getting her to “think” to “wonder” about you. She will not like it, yet love it at the same time. When you do that, you build mystery. And with mystery, comes curiosity.

Make Her Laugh

This is a no-brainer. Who doesn’t love a good laugh? The key here is to make her laugh with you, not at you. Humor by itself is additive as hell… yet again, it’s vitally important to be sliding in elements of romance, excitement & flirting at the same time to make it all come together.

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Play The Mind Game Through Great Conversation

Seduction is not all about the physical aspect, in fact, it’s more “mental” and “mind games” than you ever imagine! You can do this by starting great conversations whenever possible; be tactful enough to know what to reveal and what not to reveal, when to show interest and when to withdraw and disconnect entirely. The key here is to keep her on her toes. And then to know when to strike when the window of opportunity presents itself. It might be very tempting to be reveal everything, to bare your soul to her and show her how much you want to “connect” with her, but there’s always a time and a place for that.450-mindgames

Validate Her Specialness

Then comes the part of validating her own uniqueness, making her feeling all butterflies inside… appreciating her for who she is, making her feel special by appreciating her femininity. You do these in sprinkles every now and then within your conversation (most guys tend to shower women with adoration every 5 minutes, which can be a real turn-off to women sometimes).

So as you can see, at the end of the day, attraction is really more both an art and a science. There are certain dos and don’t for you to follow. There are specific musts and must-nots to get it right with the girl that you want. And what it boils down to mastering them is to practice, practice and practice some more.

If you want to be successful in seducing, in “closing” the girl of your dreams, equip yourself with the right mindset,  techniques and strategies… and you’ll be well on your way to having her in your arms in no time ?