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Mastering Outer Game of Seduction

Dating is an art and a science.

Depends on how you look at it – for me personally I would say that it’s a combination of both.

It’s a science because generally there are certain things that if you were to just follow, will automatically get you a set of “expected” responses from a woman.

It’s an art because the way in which you apply the techniques is unique to your own personality and character.

459-kissThat aside, generally there are ways to get women to notice, like and want to be with you. These methods of attraction and “seduction” (as cliché as it may sound) are all part of your outer game.

These methods are designed to make you look “interesting” and “desirable” to the women around you.  Here are some tips on how to turn your outer game on.


Approaching Women

When meeting women, the first impression may just make or break your chances of making her like you. “Do it right the first time,” is what we believe in. Because if your initial impression was was what was required, then you’re just making it difficult for yourself later on.

But do it right from the very beginning and your way to her heart will be smooth all the way.

There are many ways to approach a woman. Some guys go straight to asking for a girls name. Others use “pick up lines” (which is just so 90s). Some use the “bump into her” technique to start a conversation. No matter what “technique” you use, be sure that it is something you are comfortable with and you are confident about.

Because when it comes to approaching women, anything can work; even a simple “Hi my name is Jack. What’s yours?” can do wonders. You don’t have to over analyse or over-complicate the process, what is most is important is how you follow-up from that initial opening that makes all the difference.

And how do you do that in way that gets her curious?

Be Interesting

This is where it’s all about how you communicate with her. Its what you “say” to her, both verbally and non-verbally. Because to “approach” a girl is one thing, but to actually get her to like you, that’s an entirely different thing altogether.

This is where you have to be “interesting”, this is where your personality, your character comes out. This is where you’ll have to not only be a master at engaging in small talk, but “talk” that is flirty and sexy enough to leave her wanting more.


Gimmicks Work

Most men may think its silly but women dig stuff like fortune telling, palm reading and handwriting analysis. As “gimmicky” as it may sound, it does work, when you do it right. The good thing about this is that you are the “fortune teller” for example, you are then “in control” of what you “see” in her future.

It’s for you to set the tone and direction of the conversation. Because with the right words, you can whip up a “sexy future” with you in it ?

Dancing in The Club

The dance floor is a great place to meet and flirt with girls. There you can get up close and tease a girl with a little touch and some sexy moves. But of course, if you don’t have the talent, then it’s best for you to just stay away from it and stick to slow dancing if you’re decent at it ?

Group Techniques

You may also approach a group of girls and get one of them interested in you. It is just a matter of using the right outer game conversation to keep the ball rolling. Once there was a guy who approached a good friend of mine, along with all her friends with a “cologne survey technique”.

What he did was he put two different colognes on his wrists and asked us to choose the one they liked best.  Everyone took a whiff and gave their opinion. Soon enough one of her friends was leaving the restaurant with him.

Negative Hits

Most guys are intimidated by women who are a perfect 10. The usual compliment and approach don’t work on them. Try using “neg hits” on her and you will surely get her attention. A “neg” is like a back-handed “compliment”. It’s like sarcastic humor, but done in a tasteful, funny way.

459-negativeAsk about something she may be insecure about then walk away.  Be careful not to accidentally insult her, be extra careful when using negs because they can easily go wrong if you do it the wrong way.

You’ll become better with negs the more you practice them. For example, try something like “Is that your real hair color? It looks great,” then walk away.

This method works because after you’ve said that, she would be confused if it was really a compliment or if it was that thing you asked about that made you walk away. Somehow being “un-interested” becomes interesting to them, especially the really beautiful ones who are so used to men being slaves for them.

Know Her Values

Part of the outer game technique is being able to figure out the things that a girl values in life. It takes the right kind of questions to get the right kind of answers. And once you figure out the things she values most, you can adapt them to yourself. This makes you her ideal man because she will think that you both have compatible views and beliefs.

The “Grand Master” Style

The GM style may not seem to be the ideal way to pick up women, but for some reason it works if it is done the right way. Continuous sex talk and green jokes and are the key to the success of this technique.

The concept is simple. All the talk about sex makes the girl picture it in her mind. Even if she gets grossed out or is appalled by the thought of it, all the sex in her head will make her subconsciously “horny”. And if it works well, you will be in for a treat. Just be sure to be quick to apologize or say “just kidding” in time before you get slapped in the face. Lol.

Using Patterns

Another outer game technique that uses signals to a girl’s subconscious is the use of patterns. One good example is “self pointing”  As you tell a woman stories and mention things that remind her of pleasure and good feelings, (not so obviously) point to yourself. This sends a signal to her subconscious that you can bring her those pleasurably good feeling too if she chooses to be with you. Some people call this anchoring. Anchoring is a form of NLP actually.

There are a lot more “pattern techniques” that you can use to improve your outer game.

Remote Seduction 459-seduction

When you have zeroed in on the one you want, you can now use the “remote” seduction technique. There are several ways to seduce a girl with a solid outer game. These methods range from simple nickname teasing to the point of creating a fake friend to sing your praises. If done properly you can make use of a woman’s curiosity to get what you want.

How to Handle Girls

When you’ve mastered your outer game, you will be able to handle women like a pro. You will know the right things to say and the right things to do to get a girl interested and want to be with you. When you’ve got your outer game on, you will have a blast in playing the dating game.


As with everything else, nothing is really full-proof. There will be times that you will still encounter rejection, or meet a girl who has a boyfriend or something like that. This is where your inner game can help you. Do not let this little bump on the road dampen your spirits. That’s just life. You win some, you lose some.

When you fail once, all it takes is a quick recovery and you’re back in the game. Always remember that you can’t always have it all, but you can always make the most of it.

As you can see, this post on outer game contains only glimpses of the techniques that I’ve talked about it. If you want a more detailed explanation of how they work, just click on the individual links.

Hope this helps. I’ll talk to you again soon.